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Update on My Arashi Fandom Situation - July 2014

A few months have passed.

Aiba is still my Ichi-ban but the order after that changes very so often. I understand it's common for most Arashi fans. It started with Sho, after his Nazodi movie dragged me into this fandom - then, Jun, who was my long time favorite, after watching so many Arashi concerts - then, Ohno when his drama (Shinigami-kun) was about to come out - and finally back to Sho after I watched Kamisama no Karute I & II (love the movies!). I have been watching more Nino dramas and fell in love with pretty much every Nino-solos. Yet, I am still happy to reserve him as my sister's Ichi-ban... lol.

Oh, and my husband has come to like Nino a lot. Now, he tack-teamed with my sister to tease me about Aiba every single time we watch concerts together.. Oh noooo... T_T

Anyhow, I went to Japan twice. Both during the weeks when TVs were changing seasons so I did not get to see that much of Arashi on TV. To be exact, it's so hard to tell that they were famous from what I got exposed on TV there. The only thing that told me they must be huge here was that they got their own corner in Tsutaya (Kanjani 8 also got one, to be fair). So, I got so many Arashi-related blurays and DVDs, mostly used from there. It's good to like a famous band for a change. :D There are so much stuffs online and so many things you can buy, if you are willing to pay for it. And that's another nice part... liking a boy-band in a working age, life is a lot easier.

At any rate, my Japanese is still suck bad time. So, anything non-Eng sub is pretty much half-appreciated at this point. Hopefully, things will be better by the end of this year. Now, I am looking forward to the LOVE concert Bluray. It's coming next week. Woohoo!

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