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Magic Aiba - Chapter 14

Title: Magic Aiba - Chapter 14
Word count: ~1,300 (for this chapter)
Pairing: JunBa
Rating: PG for this one, will definitely get higher later ;)
Warning: Is it a warning to say that this is a collab fic?

Summary: Aiba got cursed and was able to use magic. For some reasons, his magic worked on everyone excpet Jun. Although the unexpected power seemed nice, Aiba wanted to get rid of it.

Note: This is a collaboration between me (piggywhale) and yukitsubute. We alternate the writing of this story, and neither of us knows what is going to happen next (we keep it a secret from each other - for the fun of it :D ) New chapters will be posted every Friday weekend (let's play safe and say "weekend", lol).

This special collaboration is 20 chapters in total. We hope you will enjoy it <3

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Aiba was trembling. It was one thing to promise to be brave and carry on, but actually doing it was a whole different matter. Aiba had just parted from his great grandfather and Nino. The potion they helped made had turned Aiba’s great grandfather to the exact image of Aiba. It probably helped that they were quite similar to begin with. The doppelganger Aiba and Nino would go back to the room Aiba was held captive and stayed there in his place, hopefully avoid risking any suspicions, while Aiba returned to the town and to Jun.

To Jun…

Aiba felt warmth spreading within him as he thought of Jun. He wanted nothing more than to be able to go back to his love and to tell him that he’s safe. Yet, Aiba couldn’t help feeling slightly worried leaving the others behind, even though Nino vouched for his own abilities to talk his way out of everything (Aiba suspected it’s family traits). Also Nino reassured that no one could harm them because of Aiba’s great grandfather magical prowess (for this, Aiba wasn’t sure, the guy looked so naïve and friendly to be a deadly and formidable Time Mage, like what Nino claimed.)

Nonetheless, there was nothing else Aiba could do. This was the best option they had.

In front of him was a big, frightening looking, magical hole that his great grand father claimed to be his gateway to Jun.

The way back to Jun.

Somehow, whispering those words under his breath gave Aiba comfort. He closed his eyes, still feeling unsure of using this portal. But if it meant a chance to go back to Jun and to save him, to save everyone, Aiba was willing to risk it.

Aiba opened his eyes and stepped into the hole.

Aiba felt as if his body was being pulled by an unseen force. It felt like his body was falling from great height and like his body was being thrown uncontrollably at the same time. It didn’t hurt, exactly, but it was highly uncomfortable, and he felt like screaming.

It wasn’t like this when he travelled through time with Jun before. When he’s with Jun, Aiba felt no physical trauma or even discomfort. Aiba couldn’t help thinking it must have something to do with Jun and his power.

The journey through the portal, even though he was told to be in seconds, Aiba felt it was much longer because of the strange, uncomfortable sensation he experienced. But when he felt as if his body was pull strongly out on the other side.

Aiba emerged on the other side to an unexpected scene.

The large hall of Matsumoto shrine was filled with candle lights, along with sweet and fragrant incense in the air. Aiba looked up and saw familiar faces looking in his direction. He realized his arrival was expected.
In front of the altar at the far end of the hall, the man that had been in his thought for all this time. Emotions rushed through Aiba. He was relieved and happy to see that Jun was safe, but he was also worried and terrified of what might come.

As soon as Jun saw Aiba, he ran toward him and wrapped Aiba in a warm, tight hug.

“It’s true as your grandfather said. You come back to me.” Jun muffled into Aiba’s nape. Jun’s voice was shaky. Aiba had to hold back his emotion not to cry out as well.

“I am back, Jun. I am never going to leave you again.” Aiba muttered back.

They remained like that, in each other embrace, Jun hugging Aiba tightly, and Aiba inhaling Jun’s scent, trying to absorb as much from his lover as he possibly could. What had happened to him seemed like a long eternity and Aiba knew he couldn’t bare being away from Jun again. He knew they were meant to be together, no matter what happened.

A cough interrupted them. Aiba and Jun still didn’t pull away from each other, but they turned their head toward the origin of the sound.

“I am sorry to interrupt your reunion, but we are a little pressed on time.” Sho’s great grandfather looked apologetic enough. However, his eyes were full of concern. Next to Sakurai-san was Ohno’s great grandfather wearing what Aiba could only assume to be a ceremonial kimono.

“All the preparations are done. We are ready to do the ceremony whenever you are.” Ohno’s great grandfather said in a soft smile. He gestured for Aiba and Jun to walk up to the stage in front of the altar where various ceremonial objects were arranged for the ritual.

Surprised by the suddenness of the event, Aiba turned to Jun for an explanation.

What Jun did instead of answering was taking Aiba’s hand in his and kissed it softly. It made Aiba flushed.

“We know you are coming, or rather, we were told you were coming.” Jun meant the preparation for the ceremony. “Aiba-san, your great grandfather, told us he would find you and bring you back here. I am so grateful that he did.”

Jun squeezed Aiba’s hand slightly and gestured toward the altar on the far-side of the hall.

“I knew they only wanted us to marry to keep this town safe.” Jun’s eyes kept on Aiba’s as he spoke, “but I want you to know that it would have meaning to me more than just a mere ceremony.”

Aiba couldn’t respond. He felt a big lump on his throat, prohibiting him to utter intelligible sounds. Tears threatened to come out. Jun smiled at him so warmly and lovingly. He spoke each of the next words very carefully.

“Aiba, for all these years that we are together, I learn that you are the most amazing human being I have ever met. You made me felt happiness in the way I never thought possible. I never thought I would be good enough for you, but you also gave me the courage to face myself and accept who I am.”

At this point, Jun lowered down on his knees. His eyes were kept on Aiba.

“From this point on, would you allow me to love and to cherish you in the way that you always deserve? I promise to be by your side for as long as you need me.”

The strength in Jun’s gaze and the determination in his voice told Aiba that Jun meant every word. Aiba tried to swallow the big lump clearing his throat, and he responded.

“That would mean forever, Jun.” Aiba blamed the tear for making his answer sounded so shaky.

“It’s OK. I wouldn’t settle for anything less.” Jun smiled as he replied. Aiba let out a happy chuckle and pulled Jun up to him. They met in a kiss. Jun’s lips were soft and sweet, and Aiba almost forgot all the troubles that they were facing.

Aiba tried to ignore another cough coming from Sho. He wanted to kiss Jun longer, and then maybe more.

“Guys, come on.” Nino’s grandfather sounded a little impatient. Aiba suddenly thought of the other Nino that stayed behind with his great grandfather and realized the urgency of their situation. He pulled away from Jun, who seemed not wanting to part at all.

“Jun, let’s do the ceremony. You can have me as long as you want as soon as we help these people.”

“Promise?” Jun asked with a teasing smile. Aiba flushed bright red thinking about what they would do when they finished the ceremony. But the truth was, Aiba also wanted the same thing.

Jun took Aiba’s hand in his, and they walked together toward the altar. They had little idea what the ceremony would be like, and even though all the rituals looked slightly intimidating, Aiba knew they would go through it together.

And whatever was coming next. They would be ready for it.

Tags: chaptered, genre: fantasy, genre: romance, pairing: junba, series: magic aiba, x: collab
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