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Magic Aiba - Chapter 4

Title: Magic Aiba - Chapter 4
Word count: 1,300 (for this chapter)
Pairing: JunBa
Rating: PG 13 for now. It definitely will get much higher later ;)
Warning: Is it a warning to say that this is a collab fic?

Summary: Once again, Aiba got cursed and was able to use magic. For some reasons, his magic worked on everyone excpet Jun. And although the unexpected power seemed nice, Aiba wanted to get rid of it.

Note: This is a collaboration between me (piggywhale) and yukitsubute. We alternate the writing of this story, and neither of us knows what is going to happen next (we keep it a secret from each other - for the fun of it :D ) New chapters will be posted every Friday, and this week is my turn.

This special collaboration is 20 chapters in total. We hope you will enjoy it <3

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Aiba sat quietly at the kitchen table. In front of him, Jun was busy preparing their first dinner at the cabin. Despite Nino’s suggestions that they should all have cup noodles because it had been a long day, Jun demanded they had a properly cooked dinner, exactly because it had been a long day and everyone deserved nice things to eat. Of course, when put into vote, it wasn’t a surprise which option Sho and Ohno would choose.

Aiba told Jun he wanted to help, but Jun ordered him to sit at the kitchen table and continued practicing how to control his emotions. Aiba didn’t think it would help. Jun had recommended him several methods that he said should work in controlling surges of emotions. However, Aiba had always been the spontaneous one, and being recommended techniques to control emotions from another member with renowned emotional volatility, didn’t spell that much confidence for Aiba.

Also, seeing Jun’s sturdy frame in an apron didn’t help keep his emotions down either.

“Achoo!” Aiba sneezed and there was an instant scream from the antic bedroom where Ohno, Sho, and Nino had excused themselves to earlier. Technically, they were supposed to get dressed and come back to the kitchen to help Jun prepare dinner right away. But it had been extremely long, Aiba was certain those three were participating in something more exciting than preparing dinner.

It seemed everyone was getting some. Everyone except him.

“Achoo!” Aiba sneezed again.

This time, it was clearly Sho’s scream that came after Aiba’s sneeze. Almost immediately, Nino’s shout followed,

“Great job, Aiba! We love Sho like this!”

Aiba buried his face with his hands. He didn’t want to think what he had done.

“They seem to enjoy your magic,” Aiba looked up and saw Jun with a plate of yakisoba in hand. “It may take a while before they come down. You should eat this first.”

Aiba’s stomach grumbled at the sight of his comfort food. Aiba was embarrassed but Jun gave him a smile.

“I thought you would make something fancy, like you normally would.” Aiba mumbled. He knew Jun liked to show-off his fancy cooking skills.

“I could, but I decided not to. I want to make something that would help you relax,” Jun said nonchalantly, but his eyes showed deeper meaning than that. Jun’s worry and care radiated from his sharp brown eyes. At this moment, making Aiba comfortable was more important than showing his pride.

Aiba dared to look at Jun with gratitude, but Jun quickly turned away and hided his gaze. Aiba though he saw Jun blushing.

“I guess I should have some too,” Jun made an excuse and went to get another plate of yakisoba. They sat quietly eating their food while listening to faint sounds from the room upstairs. It was unmistakably moans and cries. Aiba glanced up from his plate and his eyes met with Jun’s. They remained looking at each other for a moment before Jun broke into a heartily laugh first. Aiba couldn’t help laughing as well.

“Sho is always too loud,” Jun commented, shaking his head.

“Nino is not much better, to be honest.” Aiba added. And almost immediately, there were Sho’s and Nino’s screams of Ohno’s name in almost unison. Aiba and Jun burst into a roaring laugh together. It took them quite some time to recover from the stomach clenching laughter.

“Gosh, I want to know what Oh-chan did to them to get such a reaction like that,” Jun wondered aloud. There was still a hint of humor in his voice.

“You can join them, if you’d like,” Aiba suggested without thinking. Then, he realized what he would feel if Jun really decided to join those three. Of course, they wouldn’t mind Aiba joining them, but Aiba wouldn’t risk anyone’s safety with his uncontrollable magic.

Thinking about his doomed situation, Aiba sighed dejectedly, but a hand was placed on his knee. Aiba looked up and saw Jun.

“It’s OK. I would rather be here,” Jun said with a brief, assuring smile. He patted Aiba a few times on the knee as if to ensure him.

Aiba felt an instant surge of emotions going up his chest and he braced for a hiccup or a sneeze. But there was nothing. The flood of emotions went by and nothing weird with his magic happened.

Aiba was very surprised.

“Thank you, Jun.” Aiba mumbled. He was certain Jun didn’t understand the real meaning of his word. But Aiba thought it was okay, for now.

It did take a while before Ohno, Sho, and Nino joined them again. By that time, Aiba and Jun had moved to the living room and had been watching some movie to kill the time. The trio took their plates from the kitchen and joined Aiba and Jun. They sat together, enjoying movie and Jun’s homecooked food, joking about Ohno’s need to drive to town and get another box of condoms again tomorrow.

With a full stomach, Nino was the first to bring them back to the real reason they were at the cabin.

“I think we should go find this fortune teller and ask her to lift this curse from Aiba-shi,” Nino’s opinion wasn’t too bad, given that Aiba never confined to him the real reason of the curse.

‘Or stop me from feeling lonely…’ Aiba thought, but he didn’t say it out loud. Instead he looked in Jun’s direction, hoping that Jun would have some reactions or some responses to Nino’s idea. Jun didn’t. Instead, he was nodding to the proposed solution. Aiba sighed. Of course, curing him from loneliness was easier said than done, and it was probably impractical given limited time that they had.

“Don’t worry, Aiba-shi. We are going to lift this curse from you,” Nino said in much confidence. Aiba could only smile dryly in return.

At night, they all slept in the only large bedroom upstairs. They pulled out five futons and laid them down side-by-side, like they always did. Nino already claimed the futon on the far left and gestured Aiba to take the one next to him like they normally did. Sho was about to take the futon in the middle when Jun told him differently.

“Why don’t I sleep next to Aiba this time? It’s safer in case he dreams about some weird stuffs.” Jun reasoned. Sho thought about the possibility of having scary ghosts or weird monsters summoned up by Aiba and quickly switched to the futon next to Ohno instead.

“I will try not to do something weird with my magic in my sleep.” Aiba mumbled apologetically. He felt guilty already. However, Jun quickly waved him off.

“Nah, you know your magic won’t work on me anyway,” Jun said almost matter-of-factly. Yet, his eyes sparked in a strange way that Aiba couldn’t tell. Before Aiba could think of anything else, Jun turned off the light and everyone said goodnights to each other. So Aiba had to retreat to his futon and buried himself underneath the comforter.

However, a long period passed and Aiba still couldn’t sleep. He kept thinking about Jun’s warning, that he might dream about a monster and summon it for real. Aiba was afraid to close his eyes. He kept looking at Nino’s sleeping face in the dark. What if the monster hurt Nino, or worse, what if it killed him?

Suddenly, he felt a hand reached over and pulled him in. Aiba felt his body being enclosed in a warm, comfy hug, then came Jun’s voice mumbled into his nape.

“Sleep now, Masaki. Everything will be OK.”

Aiba didn’t know how to react so he let himself being absorbed into Jun’s warmth. He listened to Jun’s steady breathing and soon fell into a restful sleep.

Tags: chaptered, fanfic, genre: fantasy, genre: romance, pairing: junba, series: magic aiba, x: collab
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