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Magic Aiba - Chapter 2

Title: Magic Aiba - Chapter 2
Pairing: JunBa
Rating: PG - for now. Still have to wait and see for the rest ;)
Warning: Is it a warning to say that this is a collab fic?

Summary: Once again, Aiba got cursed. Once again, he was able to use magic. And although the unexpected power seemed nice, Aiba wanted to get rid of it.

Note: This is a collaboration between me (piggywhale) and yukitsubute. We alternate the writing of this story, and neither of us knows what is going to happen next (we keep it a secret from each other - for the fun of it :D ) New chapter will be posted every Friday, and this week is my turn.

This special collaboration is 20 chapters in total. We hope you will enjoy it <3

Chapter 1

“What are we going to do about this?” Sho asked, referring to the distressed looking Aiba sitting dejectedly next to him. Sho’s voice was full of concerns.

“My vote is with Nino. No need to do anything for now,” Ohno replied, licking frosting off his fingers. His eyes focused on the assortment of cakes that appeared on Aiba’s last hiccups. Ohno had spent the last ten minutes timing Aiba’s hiccups to the precise seconds. He knew he only had mere minutes to eat what he liked before they disappeared.

Sho made clicking sounds with his tongue, clearly disapproved of Ohno’s suggestion. Despite Sho's love of food, he seemed to be controlling himself rather well. Not even once that Sho launched toward various food that appeared in the hotel room. Aiba was impressed. He deeply appreciated Sho’s gesture and courtesy.

“I think we should make the hiccups stop, and get Aiba to stop thinking about food. All these stuffs would stop reappearing.” Jun suggested. Trust Jun to come up with something decent and practical, Aiba thought. However, Jun’s reasonable suggestion came amidst audible protests from Nino and Ohno. Nino was particularly whiny about Jun’s suggestion. It's not like Nino enjoyed eating anything Aiba conjured, but rather he enjoyed seeing Aiba looking all worried and miserable, plus the chance to feed Ohno with free food was always a plus.

Aiba ignored Nino’s whines in the background and thought Jun's suggestion was a good start. He really needed to stop conjuring these food, at least, maybe he would dare leave the room and figure out the next step. Ultimately, Aiba knew he had to get rid of this cursed magic.

Last time when Aiba suddenly had magical power, it was over a month ago. And that wasn’t even the first time Aiba found himself with magical power. Aiba never tells his friends that he has been experiencing this strange phenomenal for quite some time now. However, all the incidents before that were so minor or so easily hidden that Aiba could keep it to just himself. Last month was the first time that he could turn a person into animal, and he ended up turning his bandmates with his unwanted magical power.

There was one exception though. Matsumoto Jun, who - lucky for Aiba - didn't turn into a panther like Aiba casually wished. Otherwise Aiba's convinced he might have been dead, because the panther Jun might maul him to death right then to end the curse.

Anyhow, his curses hadn’t been as disruptive nor as powerful as this one.

Agreeing with Jun's suggestion, Sho got off the bed and started sorting through the cupboards in the room. Soon, he found what he's looking for. He came back to Aiba with a small plastic bag.

“Keep breathing into the bag. My mom always made me do this whenever I hiccupped for too long.”

Aiba followed Sho's recommendation obediently while Jun came to his side and helped rubbing Aiba’s back. It was really comforting although Aiba wasquite sure the backrub wouldn't help him stop hiccupping.

In fact, Jun's back rubs were rather distracting and Aiba started thinking about something else entirely.


Suddenly, Nino became topless. He gasped and turned swiftly to point finger at Aiba. Sure enough, Nino's missing shirt reappeared in Aiba's hand.

“Aiba!!” Jun yelled in almost a scream.

“You pervert!” Nino laughed at him. He didn't seem to mind exactly. On the contrary, Nino seemed to enjoy Aiba's newfound talent more and more.

Aiba was dumbfounded. He was pretty sure he wasn't thinking about Nino...

Before Aiba could continue his chain of thoughts, Jun interrupted him. He yanked Nino's shirt from Aiba's grasp and threw it at Nino, who put it back on leisurely.

“No more backrub for you,” Jun grumbled as he walked away to find other seating further away from Aiba. Aiba could only glance at him guiltily. Why would his magic do such a thing? And why wasn't it Jun that got stripped?

“If you want to take Nino's shirt off, you can just say so. I can always help.” Ohno commented, clearly missing the point. It couldn't be helped though. Ohno was still distracted by two half-eaten cakes in his hands. He seemed adamant to finish them.

“Achoo!” Aiba sneezed this time and both cakes disappeared.

“Oh no! Those were delicious!” Ohno cried and looked at Aiba accusingly.

“Stop it, guys. Aiba, keep breathing into the bag and focus,” Sho continued to give instructions. “Just focus. No more hiccups, no more sneezes.” Sho guided Aiba to deeper, steadier breathing, while ignoring the pleading stares from both Ohno and Nino, who clearly didn't want all the fun to stop just yet.

Aiba tried his best to do what he’s told. Sho’s calmness seemed to be the thing he needs. After a long period of everyone staring intensely at him, Aiba successfully kept his mind at the sound of his own steady breathing.

Finally, Sho broke the silence.

“See, that's not hard, isn't it? It's possible to be normal.” Sho commented approvingly. “Completely quiet and normal.” Sho repeated with a nod.

Aiba noded along. He no longer hiccuped and it seemed he didn't make anything weird happened anymore. All because of Sho’s help. Aiba looked at the man with eyes full of appreciations.

“Puff!!” A loud sound echoed the hotel room and suddenly everyone stared at Sho.

“You’ve got rabbit ears!” Nino yelled out while pointing at Sho’s head – now with two bunny ears sticking from the top of his head.

“What the hell?!?” Sho cried, reaching to inspect the top of his head. Sure enough, there were two soft, fluffy bunny ears spring up from his hair. Ohno also reached over and squeezed Sho’s bunny ears, causing Sho to squeal.

“Aiba! What have you done to me?!” Sho cried, staring at Aiba in distress. Aiba did not how he did it. He was only thinking about how nice Sho has been to him.

“Turn him back,” Jun commanded, rather strongly. Aiba wished he knew how to do that. Maybe if he focused hard enough…

“Puff!!” A big cloud of smoke filled the room. After the smoke cleared out (and several coughs later from everyone), Sho’s bunny ears disappeared. However, there were several real bunnies in the room instead. One even jumped onto Jun’s lap.

“This is getting out of hand! We’ve got to stop this.” Jun grumbled as he put the bunny down and walked over to Aiba’s side. He grabed Aiba. “I am getting you out of here before you make more weird stuffs or turn any of them into animal again.”

Feeling Jun’s tight grip on his arm, Aiba could not help blushing. He tried to protest but Jun stoped him.

“You don’t have a choice, Masaki. And since I am the only one who does get affected by your new power, you will be stuck with me for the time being. I am going to look after you until we all sort this out.”

Aiba felt his face burnt so hot. He wassure Jun must have noticed it too.

Jun was about to make an exit with Aiba in toll when Ohno suddenly got in the way and stoped them.

“No, you two are not going alone. All of us are going with you.” Ohno said calmly, his eyes were full of strong will and determination.

“But what if I turn you into a koala again?” Aiba protested. The last thing he wanted was to cause inconvenience or to harm his friends.

“It’s OK. I am sure you will figure out a way to fix it somehow.” Ohno replied with a confidence that Aiba didn't possess. “And even if you cannot figure it out alone, we will, together.”

Nino and Sho joined in, expressing their uniform resolution.

“We will always be together, Aiba-chan, and we will get through this together.” Ohno reassured Aiba and the rest of them nod in unison.

Aiba was overwhelmed with emotions and sudden need to hug all of his bandmates.

“Puff!!” Suddenly, the room turned into a small but beautiful garden. Green grass sprung from the floor, along with flower patches and small shrubs.

“Whoa, Aiba! Your magic is really amazing this time.” Nino cried, wide-eyed. The previously summoned bunnies seemed to appreciate the new garden as much as Nino. They hopped all over the place. Aiba looked at his creations in horror. How was that possible? Worse, he did not know how to get them to disappear.

“It’s OK. Like Leader said, we are with you.” It’s Jun patting Aiba on the back to make him relax. Aiba didn't want to remind Jun what happened when Jun touched his back last time. Instead, Aiba tried to focus on the cute bunnies jumping all over the room. He wished them to disappear but it didn't work.

“Well, we may be with you on this, Aiba, but I still don’t want to explain what happened in this room to anyone.” Sho muttered. “Let’s get out of here before anything weirder happens.”

Nino pushed Aiba’s back, guiding him toward the door. At the same time, Jun grabed Aiba’s car key, phone, and wallet.

“What are we going to do about me?” Aiba asked again in uncertainty. He’s getting more and more afraid of his curse magic. What if he did something bad with his magic? What if he hurted someone? Aiba would not want that.

“We shall see, Aiba-chan. We shall see.” Jun was the only one that replied.

Tags: chaptered, fanfic, genre: romance, pairing: junba, series: magic aiba, x: collab
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