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That NinoAi and Giant Crash

Yesterday morning, I woke up to that VS嵐 clip.

Yep, the one with the crashing giant. There were staffs rushing to block the falling giant with mats and cushions. There were staffs pulling Aiba and shielding him from the falling giant. And there was Aiba wrestling Nino away from the danger and covering Nino with his body.

Aiba was trying to protect Nino from that surprisingly scary, falling giant.

I was like, OMG, this is my fanfiction comes to live(!!) That clip was like my NinoAi fantasy. Except it's not fantasy. It actually happened 😳

It gets me thinking. Would it be the same thing with the other members? My personal biased mind tells me it won't. I just cannot imagine it.

If it was Ohno, I think Oh-chan's super reflex would have him jump away from the danger way before it becomes a serious threat.

If it was Jun, I would love to think that he would try to help blocking the falling giant (somehow, even though that would be unreasonable) or he would jump away (maybe).

If it was Sho... I cannot imagine what it would be like with Sho. I cannot imagine Aiba would do the same thing to Sho. And I swear I am a Sakuraiba fan. 😁

To be exact, Aiba already had Nino in his grips when the giant started to fall down. It didn't look like Nino could really jump away even if he wanted to. And Aiba didn't turn his body to cover Nino right away. He pulled him away first. Both retreated back, away from the giant, actually. It's only when the giant had collapsed on them that Aiba wrestled Nino to get behind him.

Some says Aiba has a natural instinct to protect people, to look after people, to make sure they are safe. I think it's true.

But in this instance, Aiba didn't do that to any other people. He didn't try to protect everyone else. He tried to protect Nino.

I would like to think that it means something. My NinoAi bff heart is cheering for this. ☺️💕

By the way, the Crashing Giants incident got me thinking about other two scenes that happened previously.

One is in Arashi ni Shiyagare episode in 2015 - that 24 hrs TV special - the one they played a game where they jumped onto a small red platform and tried to hold on to each other as five.

The first attempt was a failure. It was the one that people teased as the Matsumiya accidental kissing incident 😏

But for me, it is different. I have seen it differently ever since the first time I saw the program.

For me, it was the one where Aiba didn't let go of Nino while the others did.

When they fell down, ohno and Sho did the most decent and logical thing in that scenario, they let go of the grabs. Thus, releasing the other members from the restricted movement. With that, members could jump away or balance themselves and be safe from the complete fall down into the white powder foam.

But, that wasn't possible for Nino, who was falling backward. He couldn't help himself really.

And right at that moment of Nino falling, that moment of Ohno jumped away and Sho let go, Aiba didn't.

Aiba hold on to Nino and let himself falling alongside his friend. Aiba didn't have to but he did.

That doomed Jun, really. Because Aiba seemed to hold on to Jun too. 😂

Another scene that I think of is the vs嵐 episode in Oct last year. That one when they got a new game - hand pushing or something.

It was Jun and Aiba playing the game together. And when they lost balance, what Aiba did was to use both arms to grab hold of Jun pulling Jun toward him. So that when they fell Jun would be safe.

That really got my throat clamped up, really. It wasn't a big deal. I mean, Jun wasn't really in real danger. He was having so much fun he didn't even bother to mind the fall. And I am sure he would be find falling down on his own feet. Yet, Aiba's instinct made him reach out and try to make sure that Jun would be okay.

Another note, back to the crashing giant. Another thing that stuck with me was how Aiba reacted after the danger was over. With Nino still in his protective hold, Aiba turned to the staff that was protecting him. He smiled and said something to the staff with such a sweet and gentle manner. I guess he thanked the staff for protecting them or something.

He was so calm, so polite, and so gentle. If he was in panic a few seconds ago, it no longer showed.

Awww.. Aiba ❤️

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