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Another Update on My Arashi Fandom Situation - May 2015

Oh my... It has been almost a year since my last entry.

Like they say, time flies, doesn't it?

OK, let's get to the business.

AIBA : I am still pretty much the same when it comes to Arashi. Aiba-chan is still no. 1. Been enjoying ようこそ、わが家へ a great deal more than I should, although I still feel Aiba is just one of many main characters (still really like Aiba in Bartender, he gets a proper air time and some proper scenes there, i think). But on the recent episode, I just noticed my heart beat a little faster, in a very strange and non-idol-watching way, in the dining scene - never happened before, not even with Jun in Chocolatier. Hmmm.. Btw, these few months have been nice for some Aiba-chi fans, it's so easy to get media coverage about him. Looking forward to デビクロ although I wasn't really expecting much. I guess Aiba would never get to play a Psychopath, huh?

JUN : I am still secretly crazy (although in a quite obvious way) about Jun - yet, he has never been ichi-ban, I guess he is in some very special place (LOL). Still could not finish Chocolatier, not that I don't like it, more like I was so contented with a few episodes I have seen. Still drooling when thinking about it. Heheee.. Seen はだまりの彼女 like 5 times already. Love the story, love the movie in general. I always feel that Jun's acting was really decent considering his Arashi personality. Also, seeing Jun in a few stuffs they shot in Hawaii make me respect him quite a bit more. In a very professional way, I mean :)

SHO : I still like Sho in the Ikemen way so much that it was very difficult to buy a magazine that he was on the cover because I kept giggling like a silly school girl - not a very good sight, I can assure you. I don't watch News Zero so I don't get to see him as much (this is discounting the new year SP dram, which was way too short). He did not have anything new in particular last year also that I care to mention. Hopefully, we will get to see him in a drama this year (yeah, rightttt... with Arashi's hectic end of the year schedule, it's as good as punishing the guy to work EXTRA overtime.) BTW, still not appreciate his singing, nor his dancing. Oh mine, poor guy >_<

NINO : FINALLY, I like him. He's still in my sister's territory so I still feel a bit strange expressing my interest in him. I guess I finally caved in when I watched him on 007 しゃべくり. He's just too clever and sly with words. And I kept noticing him making comments here and there in Arashi shows that I have to admit really turn the mood around in a positive way. What a skill. And the positioning Nino put himself in Arashi. How nice of a "devil" he is.

OHNO : I did not think I could admire him more, yet this guy kept surprised me and made me like him more every time I saw the new evidences of his talents. I was almost literally melt when I saw "Hit the Floor" the first time... and every time up till now. I appreciate his singing a bit more each day. He does have a good voice and nice skill. It turns out that I listen to his solo's more often than anyone else's... even more than Nino's which I love the most. That's interesting... Oh, and I just finished Pikanchi Half. Gosh... Ohno's acting as Haru just left me in awe. OH MY GOSH... Seeing Haru and thinking back to Enomoto Kei in Locked Room. Seriously, how could it be possible that Ohno could be so much different in pretty much all roles he has taken? I am speechless... m_m

I guess that's pretty much it. I should have kept writing tidbits about this and that that I have seen/listened to.. but I am too occupied and too distracted most of the time. Hopefully, will get to write more.

Till the next time.
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